9 Month Old Corgan

It's hard to believe Corgan is already 9 months old! He's 28 3/4 inches and 20 pounds 9 ounces, which puts him slightly above average size. He is becoming such a fun playmate for his sister, and is getting into everything. Just this week he started really crawling, and he pulls himself up to stand on everything! The things that seem to make my generally happy boy the happiest are puffs (he goes crazy when he even sees the container), holding the spoon after eating, and being flipped upside down. He's up to 6 teeth with another one peeking through, which makes him a super-drooly boy. He can sign "more", "puppy", and "remote control" (such a boy!). He babbles like crazy now, but still isn't saying any words. He is still sleeping in our room, so he still isn't sleeping through the night most nights, but he does nap pretty well during the day. He's very low maintenance most days. Just like his sister, he enjoys pulling the cat's tail, playing in the sandbox, watching Moose A. Moose, and running in circles (in his activity center). He can put a ball into the hole on his ball toy. He uses his solid noggin as a weapon. He's still a baldy, but his light blond hair is starting to sprout. He holds his mini-blankie while he sleeps. He's becoming more and more of a Momma's boy every day, and I love him SOO SOO much and couldn't imagine life without him!


ljkolumbus said...

Happy 9 mo. birthday to Corgan! Grammy and Papa can't wait to see him and his wonderful sister! (& Mom & Dad too) counting down the days!! 10 days to go!! He is such a sweetie - boys do have their Mommy's wrapped around their fingers just like the girls do with their daddy! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I just watched my baby boy graduate kindergarten last night...they REALLY grow so fast! Enjoy all of his milestones! There is something special about a mom and son connection :)

I love his bald head...too cute!


Chelsi said...

Awww, i love that picture of him, it's so cute! Way to go with all the signing, Corgan! That's so funny that he signs remote, Ethan has a big remote obsession as well but I didn't know there was a sign for it!

We must be on the same baby brainwave, because I just did a big post about Ethan, too ;)

Kelly Albert said...

Happy 9 month year old- hahahaha! Had to throw that in there for ya. Corgan is so much fun and such a happy baby! Glad we had time to hang out together. Have a great Memorial weekend. Love ya! Give those babies kisses from Aunt Kelly.