Pet Peeve

I LOVE HGTV and most decorating-related shows, but I HATE when people say they like "entertaining" or need a space for "entertaining". Are they dancing on a table for their guests? Are they showing a movie that they made themselves? No? Then they aren't really "entertaining" them! Say you like to have people over for dinner. Say you like you have guests over for the weekend. Say you enjoy hosting game night. Say you'd like to have pool parties. But don't say you like "entertaining" unless you're really doing a song and dance or some other type of entertaining activity for your guests. "Entertaining" is so generic and one of those buzz words that annoys the crap out of me. I hated buzz words in the software industry too, so I guess my pet peeve isn't really just the use of the word "entertaining", but the use of a buzz word in attempt to sound like you are in-the-know when you're just being generic and following the crowd.

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