Congratulations Kyle & Renee!

My baby brother, Kyle, is now fianced! :) He got engaged to his semi-long time girlfriend Renee this afternoon! They haven't really had a chance to discuss the wheres and whens of a wedding yet, so all details are still TBD, but I'm sure they'll come up with something wonderful.

We love Renee and are so excited that she will be a "Kolumbus" soon! Wow... I can't believe my baby brother is going to be married soon!!!

P.S. In the picture above, Kyle's the one on the far right. :) Sorry for the crazy picture... it was either that or a picture with Renee's head in a shark's mouth.


Nicole4FLDU said...

AWH! Best Wishes to them!

Keith Donald said...

Will Spongebob be presiding over the ceremony?

Nikki said...

Congratulations, Kyle!