Mondays with Dr. H

For the past 4 out of 5 Mondays, I have made unplanned trips to the kids' doctor's office to get them checked out for one aliment or another.

Monday #1- Took Annabelle in because her cough had been horrible and didn't seem to be getting better. She was fine.
Monday #2- Took Annabelle in to see if she had an ear infection. She did.
Monday #3- Took Corgan to see if he had an ear infection. He didn't.
Monday #4- No Monday visit, but we did visit on Friday to see if Belle had another UTI. She did.
Monday #5- Took Annabelle back to the doctor to see if her UTI had developed into a kidney infection because she developed a fever over the weekend and she should've been getting better. She didn't. The doctor couldn't find anything else wrong with her so he assumed that the fever was from a virus. It was. And it was gone not 24 hours later. I then had Corgan's 9 month checkup scheduled for Tuesday, so I got to see Dr. H twice this week.
Monday #6 (today)- If it hadn't been a holiday, I would've been taking Corgan in to see Dr. H this morning. He had a fever of 103.3 that had been up over 103 for nearly 24 hours, and has been running a temperature all weekend. The fever seems to be gone (or at least nearly gone) now, so I assume he just had the same virus that Belle had last weekend. Ugh. We do have Belle's UTI follow up on Wednesday, but hopefully that's our only visit to the doctor this week!



Nikki said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!!! I can't believe you've been dealing with all these issues for six weeks. Ugh! Glad you've had a lot of positive things going on in between to keep you sane!

Christina said...

Horrible!!! On the bright side, you obviously have a pediatrician that is willing to squeeze you in whenever you need him!

Give those kids a hug for me and I hope they feel better!