Meatloaf Rules!

Yes, I love Chef Love's meatloaf (he was the head chef at the Harris cafeteria), and I loved my grandma's meatloaf (also super-yummy when made by my mom), and, surprisingly, Ben can make a pretty mean meatloaf too... but that's not the meatloaf that I'm talking about today.
I LOVE the new AT&T gophone commercial with Meat Loaf in it!  In general, I'm not really a big Meat Loaf fan, but the commercial cracks me up every time that I see it.  I love the kid's neck- dancing.  I just think the commercial is creative and entertaining.  The commercial that they have online is much longer than the one that I've seen numerous times on tv, and I have to say I prefer the television version.
One question though... Why is Tiffany in the commercial?  And why is she carrying what appears to be the leg of a dead animal? (I guess that was 2 questions, and both are kinda answered in the longer online version of the commercial.  But still... until I saw the longer version she was just a random 80s pop queen singing a line and holding a dead animal leg.) :S


Erica Lynn said...

Okay .. have you been talking to my sister?!? She sent me a link to the long version of that commercial at 8:12 tonight .. she loves it as well .. pretty crazy coincidence!

Chelsi said...

That's funny - that commercial annoys the heck out of me! I keep thinking that Meatloaf sold out. I never noticed that the woman singing was Tiffany, though!

Anonymous said...

wow - that was one of my fav songs from high school - i had not seen that commercial... very weird.... saw meatlof 2x in concert.. nicole