Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of my Mommy friends and family. Whether you realize it or not, I'm constantly learning from you all to make myself the best Mommy that I can be. From conversations over lunch, to conversations over the phone, to conversations via email or blogs, there's always something to be learned as each of us has new experiences or old advice to impart on one another. Thank you all for your stories, advice, and support and for welcoming me into your everyday motherhood lives. I know every person I have met has shaped me as a person, but most importantly now as a Mom.

But no one person has shaped me more than my own Mom. She has been, and continues to be, the best example that I could ever ask for. Although her life growing up was not easy, she didn't let that break her. It made her stronger and even more determined to be the kind of Mother who has raised 3 very confident children, 3 children who never hesitate to put other's need before theirs, 3 children who would do anything for their parents, 3 very independent children, 3 children who are not afraid to go after what they want, and, most importantly, 3 children who are not afraid to say "I Love You". Since they both came from broken homes, both of my parents vowed from the very beginning that they would never put their children through what they went through and they were really in it "till death do us part". They always showed us how much they loved each other, which in turn led to us children being more secure in ourselves, in family, and in love. They were always the optimists and always encouraged us to go for whatever we wanted. And no matter how bad we were at something or if we failed, they always let us know how proud they were of us for trying. I firmly believe it was because of the confidence installed in all of us that I was a nationally recognized computer nerd at a young age and graduated from college with honors, my sister was a star pitcher on her fast pitch softball team in college and kicked butt in getting her Master's degree, and my brother won basketball free-throw competitions before he hit puberty and is already starting his professional life with a bang! While my Dad did his share of disciplining, my mom was the true enforcer in the family. Her rules and clear boundaries were always fair (even if they didn't seem like it at the time), and taught us all that there are rules for a reason. I really could not have asked for a better Mommy role model, and hope that I am able to take the best of her mothering skills and add my own flavor into the mix to be even half the Mommy that she is! Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! (P.S. I didn't even get into what an awesome Grammy she is! We'll save that one for later. :))

Here are a few of my favorite Mommy-related pictures from my family over the years.

1947- My mom as an infant held by her mom with her mom watching. (so my Mom, my Grandma Archer, and Great Grandma Montgomery)

1976- This is THE picture that I think of when I think of my mom and I when I was an infant.

1979- My FAVORITE picture of me with my grandmas! They were visiting us after my sister was born. My dad's mom (Grandma Kolumbus or Grandma K) is on the left and Grandma Archer is on the right.

2006- One of my favorite pictures of Annabelle and I. She was at that age where she was starting to notice the camera and wanted to hold it so it was getting hard to get good pictures. The photographer was a friend who just happened to have her camera out and snapped a picture.

2006- A 2 month old Annabelle in a bear/bunny suit waiting our turn for our family Easter pictures with her proud Grammy.

2006- Annabelle at 8 months playing the piano with her Grandmama.

2008- Mommy and her baby boy at the beach for an early evening stroll.

2008- Big hugs between Grammy and Corgan.

2007- Corgan with his Grandmama when they came down to meet him.

Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!!

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Kelly Albert said...

Very sweet sister! I thought that pic of mom holding the infant was ME- hahaha! Guess we all kinda look alike huh? ;)