Horray for May!

I'm such a nerd Mommy! I just got Annabelle's school calendar for May and I'm so excited about it! Next week is "Teacher Appreciation Week" and I just love giving gifts, so that rocks! Next week is also "Mother's Day" week so they'll be making Mother's Day crafts all week. I'm SOOO excited to get my first Mother's Day crafts made by my kids!!! Then the next week is "Down on the Farm" week, so of course that's awesome (and a double bonus since our garage barn should be coming together about that time too). Then the next week is "Wild West" week and they're actually bringing in a real pony for pony rides one day! Then the last week is "Going on a Picnic" week and they're going to end the week with a class picnic that family members are invited to attend! It's silly how excited I am!

Also, on the back of each monthly calendar, they list and demonstrate the Spanish and Sign Language words/phrases that they'll be learning that month, and I thought it was pretty cool that Annabelle already knows a lot of them. :)

So, I know a few of my readers are or were teachers... do you have any suggestions for things that I should or should not get for Belle's teacher? I'm also planning to get a little something for the teachers who work the front desk because they interact with her a lot too (especially with the whole potty training thing). Moms... anything you recommend that you've given? Would love to hear any suggestions!


Anonymous said...

I know it's kind of uncreative but...Brody and Shelby's teachers have always like gift cards! I have been the "room mom" for the past 3 years and we always collect money and get them a small gift (candle, bath stuff, flowers, etc.) along with a few different gift cards. I have found when you try to be really creative it's something that they think is nice but not really functional. This year we are doing a scrapbook where the kids all write what they appreciated about the teacher and included photos thorughout the year :) We have done a themed gift basket (gardening, evening out, etc.) before and that was worked nice. Good Luck!
I'm sure you'll find soemthing creative :)

Angelle said...

From a teachers perspective, Kathy's ideas are great. Gift cards are always good, something the kids make is good, a themed basket is good. Just make sure the basket is something the teacher is actually into.

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

How about having Belle pick wild flowers & placing them in a vase.