Good news?

So the good news is that Corgan slept all night last night from about 7:30pm until about 7 am this morning. The bad news is, I slept on the couch all night. So... does that mean that we can't sleep in the same room with him or he'll just keep waking up? Or maybe it was just a fluke? Either way, I'm going to sleep on the couch again tonight and see what happens. Maybe he'll reprogram himself to sleep through the night again and he was just out of the habit because of all of the sickness and teething. Maybe.

More good news... we had a survey of our lot done last week as the last step toward getting our permit (YEA!). As a part of the land survey, they put stakes in the ground to show you the perimeter of your lot and the vegetation that I was worried about them tearing down is partly on our lot! So, that means that they can't just take it down like they were saying they were going to. They can still take down the part on their lot, but not what's on ours! This is VERY good news since my letter to the builder did absolutely nothing. I got a letter back from them Saturday (after a whole 10 days of not hearing from them despite my letter and 2 phone calls) which basically said 'we got your letter and we aren't changing anything.' My contractor is coming over today to go over the survey with me and show me exactly where all of our boundaries are because we actually have 2 lots because when we bought the house the sellers intended on keeping an acre in the back at first, but then later decided to include it in the listing to make the sell more attractive. Our lot is a "flag lot" (shaped like a flag on a flag pole) and the acre behind us might affect where we actually thought our lot line was so... anyway... I'll know more in a few hours. But, good news regardless!

And even more good news... I actually got some exercise today! It was pretty dreary looking this morning, but as the sun came up the sky cleared more and more so I decided to take the bike to pick up Annabelle today. I was taking a big risk doing this because Corgan didn't get a nap this morning since we went to city hall then grocery shopping right after I dropped Belle off for school, so he could have either slept for the bike ride or screamed his head off because he was tired. Fortunately for me (and the ears of anyone within earshot), he opted for the sleeping. I got him loaded up onto the bike, and I think he was asleep by the time that I got to the end of our access road. When I got to Annabelle's school, he was out so I poked my bike in to ask them to bring her out, got her loaded up, and returned home. Corgan woke up about .5 mile from home and was uncomfortable since he had slumped down while sleeping and his helmet was slumped too, but we made it with not much screaming at all. Belle really enjoyed the ride too and I got in about a 5.5-6 mile ride with 50 extra pounds on my bike. The crazy thing is, my legs aren't too tired, but my arms are exhausted! I think while I ride I hold on to the handles way too tight because even though it's a pretty straight ride there are lots of little curves around telephone poles or driveways that have a large drop off, plus I have the added pressure of protecting my two children so I don't want to make any wrong moves. It was still a great ride though and I hope to do it again often.


memento said...

Yes! Good news on the sleeping! Hopefully you'll get some more sleep, whether it is on the couch or not - I know just how hard lack of sleep can be. Good thing on the biking too! I get to do it a lot too recently (as you know ;-) ), and it really helps to get more fit!

Angelle said...

I don't know when you moved Annabelle out of your room, but when Leah went to her own room, we ALL slept better. Now Erin on the other hand, just started sleeping through in the last month and a half. It stinks that you are so far from kicking Corgan out. :)

Hooray for vegetation!

Kelly Albert said...

Why don't you put Corgan's crib/play yard in the bathroom at night??? that way he is in his own room. If you have to pee at night- you just have to go downstairs or be really quiet!!!

Great news on the house! YEA!