Easter Egg Fun

Last Tuesday Belle and Halle colored Easter eggs together for the first time. They had a blast and got nice and messy! The eggs turned out beautiful, and the pictures were great... except that I don't have any pictures to show for it. Apparently, the memory card that I had in my good camera had been formatted in my old camera and my new camera didn't like that, so it didn't save any of the pictures. :( As Nikki said "Boo!"

So, since coloring Easter eggs was so fun and it's a cheap thing to do (even to do it twice), we decided to have another go at it. Yesterday afternoon, the girls did another round of coloring Easter eggs and had just as much fun as they did the first time. This time we got lots of pictures. It's funny that in most of the pictures of the girls it's hard to tell that they're having so much fun because they're taking the coloring thing so seriously and have these stern looks on their faces. They loved it though, and wanted to do more when they finished all 2 dozen eggs. One of my favorite things about their eggs is that they held on to some of them while they were in the dye so there are finger prints on them. I love it! I'll have to remember that for next year to get some really good finger-print decorated eggs.

After the messy fun, looking at the girls' hands made us afraid for them to touch anything. As soon as a bath was suggested, they were all about it! These girls both love bath time, and they love it even more together! I had fun with the soap (a little too much fun apparently since it still wouldn't rinse out after like 10 pourings of water over the head) and gave the girls mohawks for some cute pictures. Annabelle's mohawk stood straight up, but Halle's did a loop in true Halle-curl fashion. Halle's little looped mohawk reminded me of the cartoon version of Egon Spangler from the Ghostbusters. The picture that I've posted on here is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them so far!

While Nikki and I were handling all of the chaos of coloring eggs then cleaning up afterwards, Keith came over to handle Corgan, bring up the testosterone level, and watch the girls have fun. While the girls were coloring eggs, Nikki took this picture of Keith and Corgan enjoying their time together. I absolutely LOVE this picture of my boys! They could not be any cuter!

More pictures from our afternoon of Easter egg fun are on our photo gallery.


Angelle said...

I loved those pictures. Isn't it fun to do traditional things with your kids and they now actually ENJOY it?

We are going to color eggs this weekend when my dad comes to visit.

Chelsi said...

The pic in the bathtub is just adorable!

Kelly Albert said...

Wow- fun fun times. So you didn't attempt to let Corgan paint eggs? haha! Girls only in the tub, right? ;) BTW- your looking great sister! I know YOU AND I used to love coloring eggs.

Christina said...

How cute!