Annabelle on Dimples

Today out of the blue while she was getting dressed Annabelle and I had this conversation (not word-for-word, but this is as good as I can recall 7 hours later):

Annabelle: Annabelle have dimples (while pointing to her cheeks).
Mommy (Me): Yeap, Annabelle has 2 dimples. Does Mommy have dimples?
A: Yeap.
M: I only have 1 dimple though. See? (pointing to my one dimple on my right cheek) Does Baby Corgan have dimples?
A: Yeap.
M: Does Daddy have dimples?
A: Yeap.
M: Nope. Daddy doesn't have dimples. Annabelle has 2 dimples, and Corgan has 2 dimples, but Mommy only has 1 dimple and Daddy has no dimples.
A: Annabelle have 2 dimples (pointing to her dimples). Baby have 2 dimples. Mommy have 1 dimples. Daddy have face.


Angelle said...

I was not expecting that at the end and laughed my head off. Dimples are apparently an endless source of entertainment. We call them dumpies over here. :)

Christina said...

That was adorable!

Kelly Albert said...

Kids say that darnest things :) Belle is such a character!

Anonymous said...

OK, that ending made my workday SOOOO much better! Belle is just too much sometimes!