Double Doh!

Today has not been a good tardiness day for Mommy. First of all, I must have turned off my alarm clock when it went off this morning because I woke up at 8:30, the time that Annabelle's school day begins. I got up and quickly got Annabelle dressed and fed while Keith got ready for work. She got to school around 9 am... half an hour late.

Then during the morning/noon we had someone at our house installing a reverse osmosis system in our kitchen (YEA!!!! No more lugging jugs to the store to get water!). I was occupying myself while he worked (and Corgan napped) and totally lost track of time! I meant to call Keith to get him to go pickup Annabelle at noon, but it wasn't until around 12:20 that I realized that I had forgotten to call him! I immediately called Keith, then called the school to apologize! They just laughed at me, but I felt horrible because I figured that Annabelle was probably wondering what the heck was going on. Keith said that when he arrived, she was napping with the rest of the kids. Well, at least I know that she'll nap there if I need her to.

Bad forgetful Mommy!


Chelsi said...

Ahhh, nothing like the morning after daylight savings!!

Angelle said...

At least it was no big deal that Annabelle left school late. I was late to pick up my little sister from elementary school one time and she was sitting all alone in the office with her backpack (I mean there were adults, just no other kids).