Annabelle's ABCs

Annabelle loves to "play letters" with her ABC magnets. She's gotten really good at them too! Here's a long little video of her picking out all of the ABCs when asked. I got the letters all nice and scrambled so she really has to do some searching for some, which takes a little while. And despite having edited out all of the pleading with her to get her to actually put the letters back on the fridge, at nearly 8 minutes, it's a pretty long video, but still cute and impressive.

A couple of things to note when watching the video... Annabelle sometimes identifies "W" as "M" because it's an upside M. Every time she thinks about the "J" for more then a second, she picks it up and says "there's lollipop" and pretends to lick it because it reminds her of a candy cane. The letter "H" reminds her of Halle's birthday cookies that we made so she almost always mentions that. At the end she sings the ABCs correctly (but skips "H, I, J, K"), including the "lmnop" word, but at the end she reverts to "A-B-Naa-saa-aye-ta-doh" for the "Now I know my ABCs.." part. And yes, Mommy forgot the alphabet a couple of times and had to sing parts of the ABCs herself.



Nikki said...

Awesome! This is a fun video because it not only gives us insight to how sharp Annabelle's brain is, but also in how you teach her. I can't wait to see Halle's reaction when she watches it tomorrow. :)

Angelle said...

Right on, Annabelle! That was very impressive. I like how you associated all the letters with a word. That is what I just recently started doing with Leah.

What does the Q stand for?

Keri Donald said...

Q is for quetzal. They use it in one of her abc animal books, and I believe it's on the ABC episode of Dora too. I'd never heard of it until recently.
We don't seem to have any friends whose name begins with "Q". :)

Also, X is xolo. Another one from her book. Of course, lately I've been using Xango instead because it's an "x" word that she's familiar with.

Keri Donald said...
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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Go Annabelle! I don't know if you already have it, but... "Letter Factory" from Leap Frog is a great video for teaching letters and letter sounds! Brody and Shelby loved it, and they picked up their letters and sounds very quickly after watching it. There is a series of Leap Frog videos that teach math and pre- reading skils that are excellent!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Keri you are an amazing teacher!!! Belle is very advanced for her age and will skip to Honors class in Kindergarten :) :)

Kelly Albert said...

Very impressive!!! :) Way to keep her going Keri. I love that she had Kelson in there for K! :)