Annabelle and Corgan had lots of fun at the playground between daddy's football games on Sunday. The playground only has one baby swing, so Annabelle had to try the big girl swing while Corgan used the baby swing. She did really well and held on great, and she's even trying to propel herself by doing "out----in----out----in" with her feet. She liked the big swing, but at the same time still prefers the baby one because she can go very high in it and not-so-high in the big girl swing yet. :) Corgan loved the baby swing just like his sister did when she was little (and still does apparently).

See more pictures of my little swingers on our photo gallery, including this picture that I think is really cute, but at the same time it creeps me out a little because it reminds me of The Shining. :)

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Christina said...

I love this picture. It is very cool how you got them swinging like that.

You are too funny with the shining pic. I wouldn't have thought that but now that you pointed it out...