In just the last 2 weeks, Corgan seems to have changed so much. He's gone from staying in one place relatively well to rolling all over the place. He still isn't scooting or showing any signs of crawling, but he's rolling everywhere that he wants to go and is able to do 180s too. So, now I'm having to start re-babyproofing the house. Since Annabelle has gotten bigger and understands what she can put in her mouth and where she can stick her finger, etc. we've been more relaxed with what goes where, but we're going to have to start watching out for all of those things again. Corgan has rolled over to a magazine that had fallen on the floor and he chewed nearly a whole page before I realized that he had the magazine.

The hardest part of the re-babyproofing so far is Annabelle's toys. She now has the toys that have more pointy edges and have smaller pieces, and, of course, she doesn't always put them away. So every time that I go to put Corgan on the floor, I'm having to clean up Annabelle's toys and do a scan of the floor to make sure that there isn't anything dangerous for him. But, once she gets her toys out again, then it's eagle-eye Mommy time again. The older that Corgan gets, the more that I can see how birth order makes a difference in a person. Like right now, do I put away Annabelle's toys that are dangerous for Corgan or do I just not let Corgan have freedom to roam? I feel like either option isn't fair to one of them from a learning standpoint.

If any of you mom's who have been there have any recommendations, I'm all ears! :)


Anonymous said...

We used to keep all the "dangerous" toys in Brody's room and he knew that he could go in there and play with them anytime. I think he liked having his own space without Shelby bothering him. He picked up really quick to alert us if Shelby had anything she wasn't supposed to have! I think that's all we really did? I know when Shelby was old enough to get the concept of "no" I would always repeat, "only food goes in our mouth..." the kids still say that :) It's funny how they don't forget, and I have a hard time remembering those days :)


Angelle said...

I do like the idea of "dangerous" toys being the ones in the older kid's room. Then you don't really have to stress as much about it. Although I guess at this point, you aren't really going to let Belle go play by herself in her room. That is probably for when she is a bit older.

Christina said...

I was wondering this too. What are we going to do??

Zach actually is in the tattling stage though and keeps telling Kaitlyn, NO NO NO Kaitlyn don't put books in your mouth even when it is her little chew toy.

Hopefully he'll be a good "watcher" even if it is his toys he's watching for.