School 2 Day

Another super successful school day... almost too successful! I was worried that Annabelle would be upset when I left, but instead she's upset when I come to pick her up to take her home! Today she didn't want to leave and wanted to stay to "eat food" with the other kids. The teacher said she had been talking about eating food all day (she remembered them bringing in the other kids' lunches before she left yesterday) and that I could bring her a little snack to eat before she leaves so that she feels like she's getting to eat with the other kids. All this morning while we were getting ready for school she was excited about going back, so I think we've definitely found a good thing!

Also, my sister commented on the My School Belle entry saying that I should have mentioned the "I'm sorry" story, so here goes... yesterday when I picked up Annabelle we got out to the car and I was asking her what she did at school and she said "I'm sorry" with a sad face. I asked her if she had to say "I'm sorry" to someone and she said yes. I asked her what happened and she said "hit". I asked if she hit someone and she said "yes" (still sad faced). Then she said "bump heads". I was sure that if she'd already gotten in trouble on her first day then the teacher would have told me. I asked the teacher about it this morning and she said that nothing had happened so maybe she just saw some other kids bump heads or something. Crazy. :)

And one more thing about yesterday, when I first left Annabelle in the morning I got back into my car all sad to be leaving my baby, turned off Belle's CD, and KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I See" was playing on my xm radio. That song has always made me think of Annabelle and her friendly and free spirit (all of the way down to the "she's taller than most" line) and it seemed like a sign that it was on. It made me smile. :D

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