My School Belle

Annabelle's 1st Day of School went wonderfully! I've been talking up school lots this past week (after the birthday talk, of course), and she was excited about going to school just like Halle does and getting to play with the toys and the kids and especially the playground. I got Belle up early this morning to get her fed and get her toenails painted to match her "1st day of school" outfit (she loves her painted toenails). With 15 minutes before the imaginary school bell rings, we headed out the door for some pictures then to head to school.

When we arrived at school, we took a few more pictures (of course) then Belle eagerly followed me inside. After accepting many "She's so cute" complements from the teachers (I know I'm biased, but she looked so freakin' cute today!!!), we found Belle's class, the Pink Bunnies, and joined them to start the school day. Belle got a little shy when we got in the classroom door, but she quickly warmed up and started playing with a few of the toys (and even asked for "go playground now!"). Her teacher is really nice and seems great for Annabelle. I stayed for about 15 minutes to talk with the teacher about the routine and stuff and to get Annabelle a little more comfortable, then I told Belle goodbye and that I'd be back to pick her up soon. She immediately said "Annabelle bye-bye too!", but I explained that she was going to stay at school and play on the playground soon, and I'd see her later. I just walked out the half-door (it's one of the doors that is cut in half), turned around to say bye-bye again, then walked on out. I was out in the hall for a little while talking to one of the administrators about the fees and stuff, and I never heard a scream from Annabelle's classroom, so that was good.

Since my parents are here this week and they were at home with Corgan, I took advantage of my alone time (especially since I was already awake, dressed, and out the door) and did some flooring research at a few local stores. By the time that I finished with that, I had to rush home to pickup my mom to come with me to pickup Annabelle from school. When we got to Belle's classroom, she was sitting at the table with the other kids who were waiting for their lunches. When she saw me, she gave me a "how dare you left me!" look, but she quickly went back to happy and came to give me a big hug. Belle's teacher said that she never cried and did really well. She's already picked up that Annabelle loves to get dirty but hates to be dirty.

Anyway, Day 1 was a big success! I've heard that Day 2 is much harder than Day 1, but hopefully there won't be any really bad days. Even if there are bad days though, I know eventually she'll LOVE it, and I love it already!!! Yea for School Belle!

P.S. Annabelle's outfit today was one of my favorites ever! She had this ADORABLE hot pink and dark lime green tank and capri set and it just happened to match her backpack perfectly (complete with her name on it and everything... thank you Auntie Kristie and Uncle Squat!) and because it was a little cool out this morning she wore her jacket that also matched perfectly (green outside, hot pink lining... thank you Jackson!) and her pink little toes and hair bows were precious! And, of course, there are more pictures on our website.


Angelle said...

Awe, Keri, that picture is gorgeous! I am so glad Annabelle had a good first day. I think kids benefit from preschool so much. They need some time away from Mommy playing with kids we did not pick out for them. Plus, you may meet new people to hang out with (I played Bunko with moms from Leah's old preschool!).

Christina said...'ve been a good blogger. I love all of the pics of the kids. They are so cute! I'm sorry I missed the party. I can't wait to see them in April :-)

Anonymous said...

It's so cute to see them with their backpacks! I love Annabelle's french braid at her party...I wish I could do that with Shelby's hair...I have tried to learn and I cannot do it :) Congrats on the great first day milestone!


Kelly Albert said...

Aw... Annabelle seems to happy and content at her new school. Way to go Mom for letting go and way to go Belle for being such a good girl! you should have mentioned the "I'm sorry" when belle got back into the car after school- that was hilarious! Love you! Sorry I missed her bday party :(