My Happy Birthday?

A few weeks ago I took Annabelle with me to scout out the playground where we wanted to have Annabelle and Halle's 2nd birthday party. While we were there playing, I said "Do you want to have your birthday party here?" and every since then she asks me every day if it's "My Happy Birthday?" yet! That was over 3 weeks ago. She understands "tomorrow" (to her, "tomorrow" means "after nite-nite"), but didn't quite understand "24 tomorrows". :( She has been singing "Happy Birthday to You" (I don't know where the heck she learned that one from, but she sings it pretty darn well) and saying that she wants to go on the slide and the bridge at her happy birthday playground. She's SOOO excited!

We decided to take Annabelle to Pump It Up for her birthday. Grammy and Papa are here visiting now, and she's going to have so much fun showing them around Pump It Up and going down the "big slide" with Papa (just like we did with him when we were little)! Since we've been down to a more understandable number of "tomorrows", I've been telling her how many tomorrows until her "Pump It Up birthday" and her birthday party (which is Saturday). She's SOOO excited that her happy birthday is finally here tomorrow! I can't wait to go in to get her out of her crib tomorrow morning and sing Happy Birthday to her!


Nikki said...

Should've checked your blog before sending the email this morning. :) Happy Birthday, Belle!!! Sounds like you have quite a fun day ahead!

Kelly Albert said...

HAPPY BDAY BELLE!!! One spanking, two spankings, and a pinch to grow on...

Happy Bday, Happy Bday, Happy Happy Bday to you! Go Bellee! Love you guys!

Maybe we can skype later on?