My Favorite Pictures

Over the past couple of weeks, Erica has taken some of my favorite pictures ever of Annabelle and Corgan. She even got a good one with me in it. :)

In addition to the one above, here are a few of my very favorites: It's funny how hard it is to pick out your "favorites" of pictures of your own kids. Every face they make is your "favorite", so it's hard to cull through the pictures and get them down to a manageable number (manageable = an amount that people who aren't related to your kids might be willing to sit through). :) There are more where these came from on our Kodak Gallery site in the albums Professional Shots on Black and Professional Shots on White- Part 1 (Corgan Only) (note: More pictures with Annabelle will be coming soon. For now, they're a secret. :)). THANK YOU for capturing these memories ERICA!!! (By the way, if you're look for a great photographer, be sure to contact Erica at erica lynn photography!)


Keith said...

Wow we make great kids. what perfect pictures!

keith, from the slopes of CO

p.s. can't wait to be back home with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good job Erica! Those are great! What cute babies!


Erica Lynn said...

Awesome edits!! They look great :)

Christina said...

Adorable KIDS!! Great pictures...what more can you ask for I love them all and I'm not related :-)

Kelly Albert said...

My niece and nephew are PERFECT! Can't wait to get our kids all together again :) Love you!
Happy Early Bday Belle!