Guess Who's a Happy Boy?

Corgan, of course! I swear... he is just SO happy! Yeah, he has his occasional teething days where he isn't so happy and he has his "hold me, change me or feed me" moments (but really, who IS happy in those moments), but generally he is just SO happy! He will just sit on the floor and play and laugh forever, and he's really starting to be able to entertain himself with toys and stuff now so he's so fun to watch.

Corgan is now 5 months + a little over a week. He has one tooth that has been peeking through for the past couple of weeks, but hasn't quite broken through yet! It's still those two little dots that you can feel, but can't really see. I keep thinking that a tooth is going to appear at any moment, but so far that moment hasn't happened.

Corgan is FINALLY starting to roll over on a regular basis. For a while he's been flipping around so that his head and feet change places (and his head gets jammed into the corners of his crib), but he would very rarely flip over onto his tummy. He's doing the back to tummy roll now, and he's finally not getting upset with being on his tummy too. He puts everything into his mouth and loves to hold on to things. Corgan has an incredibly strong grasp and uses it on my hair often.... much more than I ever remember Annabelle doing. He grabs Annabelle's hair sometimes too, but fortunately so far she thinks it's funny.

Corgan isn't quite sitting up on his own yet, but he's almost there. He sits with assistance pretty darn well, and is getting to that stage where he doesn't like to be horizontal.

Tonight Corgan, Annabelle, and I had one of the best laughing moments ever! It was definitely the best between all 3 of us so far. We were taking a bath, and I was doing this thing with my hand that I remember my dad doing in the pool and stuff when we were little. I hold my hand mostly in the water with my hand in a fist and ask Annabelle if she can see the fill-in-the-blank animal in my hand. When she leans over to see the animal, I squeeze my fist to make the water squirt up and splash her in the face. She laughed hysterically and Corgan thought her laugh was funny so he was laughing hysterically too... and of course that made me laugh too. This went on for at least 20 animals or so. It was such a great time, and I hope that we have many more memories like that in our future! It's funny, I know that I've been a mother of two for over 5 months now, but I'm just now starting to feel like I'm the mother of two kids, not just a mother of a kid and a baby. Corgan is already changing so much, and I know he'll be playing and laughing with us on the playground and doing other "big kid" things like that before I know it!

See more pictures of the happy boy himself on our photo gallery.

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Angelle said...

Reading this post about Corgan made me want to post about Erin. I love this age so much more than the newborn stage because they are so happy and they love to interact with you. We REALLY need to come visit!