It's Baaaack... Maybe.

Annabelle has a UTI (urinary tract infections) again... maybe. Yesterday she said that her "pee pee hurt" a few times and even sorta moan/cried while saying it, so I was afraid that she might have one. She didn't have a fever or anything, but I called the doctor yesterday afternoon anyway since she has a history of UTIs. You may recall that at around 13 months old, Annabelle was started on amoxicillin on a daily basis to prevent UTIs since she had had 3 already. She took that for about 6 months, then I stopped giving it to her and discussed with the doctor that I'd rather just wait to see if she got another UTI rather than trying to do the tests again. Fast forward to today...

Yesterday afternoon they scheduled us to see the doctor at 8:30 this morning. So when Belle woke up at 7:30, I immediately put the urine bag on her (I had them from when she was getting them before) and was hoping that we'd get a sample before we even went to the doctor's office so that we'd be in and out quickly. But, by the time that we left the house at 8:00... the bag was still empty. Then we got the doctor's office at 8:30... still empty. Then we waited in the waiting room while Belle played with another little girl who just happened to be in the waiting room playing while her parents were waiting for her to pee in her urine bag and by 9:00... still empty. So the nurse brought us back to a room to do the regular checkup things (heart beat, height, etc.) and at around 9:15 Annabelle FINALLY peed! She was actually very good during the whole thing and wanted to pee so that she could get stickers and a lollipop (it's AMAZING what those 2 simple prizes will do for toddlers!). She was still not afraid of the doctor and even brought her own stethoscope like the doctor had. She was even asking him to look in her ears and things (stuff that he didn't even plan to do).

Anyway, they ran a test on the urine in the office and said that it did have white blood cells in it (which, I guess, means there's an infection) and so they're assuming that she does have a UTI and wrote a prescription, but they were still sending the sample to the lab to verify it for sure. They won't hear from the lab until Monday or Tuesday. So, now Annabelle is back on medication unless we hear that she didn't have a UTI early next week. Then after that, regardless of the lab results, the doctor wants to have Annabelle do the kidney tests again (VCUG catheter/xray thing, ultrasound of kidneys, and this time he also wants blood tests done so they'll have to draw blood).

One good thing to come out of this is that the doctor told me to take Belle's prescription to Publix because they have a short list of commonly used antibiotics that they give away for free, and her med (septra) was one of them. While I was there I got that list, and it's pretty good... some of the meds are amoxicillin (score for us if Annabelle gets put on them again... we were having to buy it every 2 weeks and having to pay the co-pay), cipro, penicillin, and erythromysin. Definitely go to Publix if you are prescribed any of those meds!


Angelle said...

Dang, that sucks. I was hoping she had outgrown it. I wish I had a Publix here that gave out Singulair for free. :)

Nikki said...

Its great that she's over her fear of the doctor. That's adorable that she came prepared with her own stethescope and was happy to pee for stickers and a lollipop! Hope all the tests come back clean!