Bed Buddies

As the mother of two little ones, you sometimes have to figure out something to do with one while attending to the other. For a while now, when I go in to get Annabelle in the morning if Corgan is already up, I have been bringing him in with me and put him in her crib to play while I take Annabelle out to get her diaper changed, etc. One morning, Annabelle decided that she wanted to stay in the crib and lay down with Corgan for a little while before she got up. It was so cute that, of course, I ran to get my camera. Every since that day, anytime that I have Corgan with me when I go in to get Belle up, whether it's in the morning or after a nap, Annabelle wants Corgan to lay down with her while I take pictures. So now, of course, I have lots of pictures of the two of them in Belle's crib (and I'm sure there are many more to come). Here are a few of my favorites:

There are many more where that came from on our photo gallery in the Bed Buddies album and there are a few in the Hanging Out Together album too.


Mirdonamy said...

They are so adorable!!! They look so cute together... what great siblings! I really hope to meet Corgan this year! Hugs!

Mike said...

I love that they snuggle together like that. I can see the resemblance when they lay side by side like that.