Stop the Big Books of Wasted Paper

As a part of my mission to "go green", I have called all of the phone book companies to stop delivery of the phone books since I can just as easily look up online any information that I could get out of a huge phone book, and it doesn't cost any trees to do it that way. :) I'll keep one of my old phone books around in case the power is out or something, but I can just grab a new one of those from some where every couple of years. In case anyone else is interested in doing the same, I thought I'd list the phone numbers to call:
  • Dex (Yellow Pages): 877-243-8339
  • Yellow Book: 800-373-3280
  • AT&T YellowPages (formerly Bell South): I called the number that gave me, but they just told me to call my local phone company to request to cancel. If you have AT&T, call 888-757-6500 and just keep pressing 0 until you are able to talk to an operator.
  • Verizon (Idearc): 800-888-8448, option 2.

41pounds also recommends that you to go and request to stop receiving credit card and insurance mailings. They don't do this themselves as a part of the 41pounds service because it requires personal information that they prefer not to collect from their customers.

One more small thing... we got Chick-fil-A for lunch today and I thought of something else that I could do to help... When I get take out fast food and I'm just going to be bringing it home, I can request that they not give me any utensils. I always end up throwing them away and using my own silverware anyway.


Nikki said...

Thanks, Keri! I opted out for those credit and insurance mailings. I hate those!! I think I will call those phone book companies too. Great suggestions!

Kyle and Chelsi said...

That's too funny - I did a "green" post this morning, too :) Great idea about the phone books, we always get way too many at our house!! - Chelsi

Sally said...

Check you out! Every little helps.