Dwell on Baby!

I've been a fan of Dwell Baby since I first discovered them when I was looking for a theme for Annabelle's nursery. If she had been a boy, she probably would've had dwell bedding, but since I wanted the romantic antique theme for a girl, dwell didn't quite work. And by the time Corgan came around, I had a certain color scheme in mind and happened to find a crib bedding set in a different brand... partly because I didn't want to drop the cash required for Dwell Baby. But I won't have that problem with the next one...

So, I'm walkin' along the aisles in Target the other day and I go through the baby section and almost walk right past this one aisle that was almost empty when a really cool baby blanket caught my eye. So I stopped to check it out. They were just starting to stock Target's line of Dwell Baby, called DwellStudio! They have some AWESOME colors and themes and they're super affordable too! Plus you have the added bonus of being able to see it in person and get to skip the shipping charges! If you're going to be decorating a nursery any time soon and you're a fan of modern design, I HIGHLY recommend checking out DwellStudio for Target! Oh... and not only do they have totally modernly awesome fabrics, they have the coolest cribs too! I bought my crib for Corgan just 3 months too early! Oh well... at least I'll have that option for the next one (not any time soon!!!). :)

In the meantime, they do have a few things that will coordinate with Corgan's nursery theme, and rumor has it that Dwell is going to be expanding into the adult bedding and accessories at Target very soon too! I can't wait to see what they have!!! (Can you tell that I'm excited?) I love that Target reaches out to established high-end names and makes them affordable without sacrificing style (or quality, usually). Yea! :D

P.S. I could totally see one of my kids (a girl, of course) having this in her nursery! Perfect for the barn without being too barn-ish!


Nikki said...

That's so funny that you posted about this, because I was at Target today and the Zoo DwellBaby theme caught my eye and I got so excited to see this line at Target! I love the Schoolbook bedding too (can you tell I'm thinking "boy" right now? It goes back and forth). :) I didn't see the Farm Girl print at Target, but I love the colors! That's adorable!

Angelle said...

I love those prints! I hopefully they will be around when I am ready to do it again. :)

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