Are you sure?

So today after a fun morning at Pump It Up where we met Shelby and Brody for an hour and a half of active fun, I took Annabelle to get a plain "hamburger sandwich" (her latest favorite) from BK. It's one of those "this is why I live in Florida" days out, so I had my window down and could hear the guy in front of me ordering. We're at the drive through, and he asks for "A whopper to go". Are you sure you want it "to go"? Duh!

On a semi-unrelated note, as we were waiting in line, the same dummy mentioned above finished his cigarette and tossed the butt out the window. Since we were stuck in line, I was SOOO tempted to jump out of my car, pick it up, and go hand it to him and tell him that he must have dropped it. If I hadn't had the kids with me, I might have even done it. I HATE when people do that! As my friend Fancy and I used to yell when we saw people do that (even though our windows were usually up), "IS THE WORLD YOUR FREAKIN' ASHTRAY!?!"


Anonymous said...

Keri - You need to call 537-6801 everytime you see anyone throwing trash out of their vehicle. This is the KKB Keep Brevard Beautiful Hotline. You need to give them the time, date, vehicle tag, type of vehicle, and the location of offense. They collect these calls, and run the tags numbers at the Brevard County Sheriff's ofc, then they get mailed a letter saying 'you've been spotted littering by a citizen, if a sheriff sees you doing the same, it's a $100 fine'. I keep a notepad in the truck and everyday on the way into work, I see at least two people littering, and I call them in when I arrrive at work. This morning a Silver Ford Explorer threw an entire MacDonalds Bag out the window. Sigh. I am a huge KKB supporter - and I've even 'adopted' my home road and pick up trash once a week. Thanks, Nicole

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