Insane in the Membrane

We leave tomorrow to head up to Alabama for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and after packing for our Orlando trip last week, I decided that I need some pants that actually fit me. I'm still too big for my regular clothes and have been wearing my maternity pants. It didn't bother me to be in maternity pants for a while after Annabelle was born, but since I had just gotten out of them about the the time that I got pregnant with Corgan, I feel like I've been wearing these stretchy waisted things for 2 years and I'm SOOO over maternity pants! So, anyway... I don't have much time and Keith is super-swamped at work trying to get ready for vacation so I decided to get me and the kids packed up and head out to Target this morning to try on some clothes.

The trip started out not-too-bad. I managed to time everything in such a way that I had Corgan, Annabelle, and I all fed and dressed without too much hassle. So I loaded the kids and our stuff up in the minivan, and was on my way to Target. When we got to the store, I lucked out and got a spot close to the door AND there was one of those shopping carts that has seats for toddlers to ride in the front sitting right next to where I parked. I got everyone out of the car and into the cart, we went into the store and I got into the return line (yes, I even had something to return too) and about the same time that I was thinking "this isn't so bad", I realized that I had left my purse at home! I normally carry my wallet (and other purse contents) in the diaper bag, so I don't normally carry a purse, but last week I was using my purse when I went IKEA shopping sans kids so everything was in there! So... I turned the cart around and started to load everyone and everything back into the car. I was terrified that Annabelle was going to scream the whole way home because I had been telling her since last night that we were going to go "shop" to buy her a new ball (Macy popped Annabelle's favorite ball yesterday). Amazingly though, I was able to explain to Annabelle that Mommy left her purse at home and we were going to go get it and come right back to the "shop". She didn't complain at all and the whole way home kept saying "Mommy's purse... uh-oh".

Once I got home and got my purse, we headed back to Target and I had nearly as good luck as I had the first time we went (was only about 2 parking spots further away and the super-cart was still there). Overall, the trip was pretty good. Annabelle enjoyed riding in the fun cart, Corgan took a bottle and even slept a little bit, and I kept pumping Annabelle full of cookies so she was happy, and Target even has "Family" dressing rooms so I was able to let Annabelle down to run around in there while I tried on clothes! I even managed to find a couple of pairs of pants and some new shirts/sweaters! Yea me... I actually have something that's in style now, not 2 years ago!

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Angelle said...

Congrats! It gets easier as time goes on...