Getting Back to Gooder

My throat is burning, but other than that, we're all on the road to recovery! Annabelle ate real food today and aside from the runny nose and many whines, I couldn't tell that she was sick. No more mention of "pee pee hurt", so I think we're good on the UTI thing too. :) Keith has a constant cough, but has started eating a little bit too so he's on the right track. And Corgan is still as healthy as a breastfed baby!

My mom and dad arrive tomorrow for the beginning of a Kolumbus week! :) They'll be here to help out with the kids while I get some of the house addition things done, then we'll be heading to Orlando to hang out with my sister and her family too! I FINALLY get to meet my niece, Kelson! Yea! While we're there, I'm also planning to attend IKEA's grand opening in Orlando! Yea for IKEA!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, IKEA....We may see you there -- my girlfriend and I were talking about going!

Glad to hear everyone is getting better. Have a great week!


Kyle and Chelsi said...

I'm just catching up on your blog, and OUCH, you guys got hit hard!! Hope everyone is almost germ free and on the mend! Glad Corgan avoided everything :)- Chelsi

Christina said...

Wow...when you guys get sick you don't mess around! I'm glad you are all doing better. I seriously would have freaked out if I found Joe passed out in the bathroom. Good for you for not panicing!