Pump It Up

This morning we met Shelby Harlan at Pump It Up (a super-duper bounce house) to do some serious playing! Shelby is 4, so she's a little older than Annabelle, but Belle loves that. Shelby was great and helped Annabelle with the confidence to do a couple of the things and Annabelle loved playing with the big kids. Technically the kids are supposed to be 2 years old to play at Pump It Up, but I figured I'd see if Annabelle could pass for 2. She's just a bit too young (and short) to do some of the things on her own, but she did pretty well. They have a big slide that is a little difficult to climb up (plus it's pretty darn high up) so the first few times I climbed up and slid down with Annabelle, but after going about 3-4 times she turned to me as we were about to get back on again and said "mine". I said, "Do you want to go all by yourself?" and she replied "Yes!" So I let my little Ms. Independent go up the steps and slide down all by herself, and she did great! She had lots of fun and did it a few times. Wow... it's so crazy that she's already becoming so independent like that!

Shelby and Annabelle spent the last 20 minutes or so in this one bounce house following a group of kids who were chasing an adult (who I assumed to be the mom of one of the kids). Annabelle was clearly the youngest and was being left behind (and even ran in the wrong direction many times because the adult and mob of kids kept changing directions), but she still had so much fun! She had such a big smile on her face! Unfortunately, between the girls running by so fast, bouncing around because of all of the movement, and the bad lighting, I wasn't able to get any really great pictures, but I think I still managed to capture the fun of the day! See all of the pictures on our photo gallery.

A big thank you to Kathy for bringing Shelby to help Annabelle and for helping with Corgan so that I could play with Belle too!

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