The Diego Zoo?

Last Thursday we headed about 20 miles north to the Brevard Zoo with Halle, Nikki, and Halle's aunt & cousins. Annabelle hasn't been to the zoo since we took her there for her 1st birthday, so it was all new to her. She really loved all of the animals, and even named many of them before I told her what they were. I still think birds are her favorite animals, and she helped verify this by crying when she had to leave the bird area. It was funny that she knew many of the animals because of Diego. There were many animals there that are on his show, and lots of them I wouldn't have ever heard of if it wasn't for him (or at least I wouldn't know them by their real names). They had scarlet macaws, pygmy marmoset, and even a baby jaguar (there were more, but I can't remember them right now... no Linda the Llama though).

On top of the fun of seeing all of the animals, Annabelle had lots of fun with Halle and her 3 year old cousin, Vanessa. Vanessa is so good with the kids (both girls, her 9 month old sister, and with baby Corgan) and Belle had lots of fun trying to keep up with her. Annabelle really enjoys hanging out with Halle more and more too, and asks about her quite often. She gets so excited when we tell her that we're going to see Halle too! I love that Annabelle & Halle are playing together now and actually care if the other one is there!

Because I was carrying Corgan for a good bit of the trip, I didn't get lots of pictures, but I did get some. They're up on our photo album. Nikki took some good ones too and she posted them on her website.

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