Corgan Multiplies 4 x 44

A conversation on the way to the airport to return our car...

Keri: This car was only $44/day at Enterprise.  It would have been $88/day with Hertz.
Keith: Not bad.  How many days did we have it?
Keri: 4.
Keith: (not wanting to calculate it himself, but half-kidding by asking the following question) Corgan, what's 4 times 44?
Corgan: (not missing a beat) Well... 44 times 2 is... 88.  And 88 + 88 is... hmmm... 88 plus 100 is 188, but you take away 12 to get back down to 88 so it's... 176!

THAT'S RIGHT!  By the way, the whole time he was calculating it, I was hurriedly trying to figure it out myself so that I could tell him if he was correct or not.  And it probably took him about 10 seconds to come up with the answer.  AND he's still 4 months away from turning 5!

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Sally said...

I love him! Clever boy xx