Calendar Smarts

The other day when I went to pick up Corgan, his new VPK Teacher, Ms. Tara, asked me if we work with calendars at home. She said that she could tell that we did because Corgan is the only kid in the class who is able to answer correctly when she asks things like "If today is Wednesday, how many more days are there until Friday?" That sort of question is one of the things that we go over on a very regular basis. Any time the kids ask "How many more days until _____?" I always tell them, "Today is _____, and that happens on ______, so let's count how many more days." We even do it adding 7 days if things are over a week away. It makes me proud to hear that he is really picking up on that well and it able to show off those skills at school. :)

If I haven't mentioned it before... Corgan LOVES anything to do with math and numbers!

One more thing calendar-related, lately Keith and I have both heard Corgan say "Tomorrow back" when he's talking about something that happened "Yesterday". It's so cute that he came up with that!

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Angelle said...

Yay, smarty Corgan! Our kids are geniuses!

PS I love that tomorrow back!