Good and Not-So-Good

The Good:
  • Taking a shower and getting all of the residual bandage stickiness off of my body!
  • Losing 5 pounds overnight!
  • Getting a reasonable amount of sleep last night even though it was the first night in the house with a new-newborn!
  • Only taking OTC meds!
  • Juliet loving her swing!
  • A baby with a healthy appetite.
  • No jaundice!
  • A baby who loves to cuddle with her Daddy!
  • A Grammy & Papa who are always on-call!
  • A Big Sister who thinks (and says) that she has the cutest Baby Sister ever!
  • A Big Brother who can't give his new Baby Sis enough kisses!
  • Coming home from the hospital to a clean house!
  • Rain 2 days in a row!
  • Being able to pick things up off of the floor.
The Not-So-Good:
  • Weighing 2 lbs MORE when I checked out of the hospital than I did when I checked in, despite delivering a 7 lb baby!
  • Pain when getting out of bed.
  • Sore nipples.
As you can tell, the Good WAAAY outweighs the bad! Life is good!