Annabelle and Corgan's Exciting News

It's been hard keeping this secret for nearly 6 weeks now, but we are expecting Baby Donald 3.0 next summer!

He/she is due on July 5th, but a scheduled c-section will put me at late June for a delivery at the latest. That puts me at 9 weeks pregnant as of last Tuesday. It's crazy how fast your clothes stop fitting when you've already had 2 babies! Clothes that fit me okay at the beginning of one week, don't fit anymore by the end of the week!

I'm currently in that stage of feeling famished all of the time, yet nothing sounds good to eat. Certain smells have made my stomach cringe (bacon, ham, and pork in general), and I developed an aversion to mayo within minutes. I was eating a sandwich and loving the first half of the sandwich, but by the time I got to the last few bites, I couldn't stand the smell of the ham or the mayo on it! I put it in the fridge thinking I'd want it later, but then the thought of even eating it made me nauseous! This is a crazy feeling for me because I never had any problems with eating with either of the first two pregnancies! Fortunately, it hasn't gotten to the point of "getting sick", only of feeling like crap. :)

We told the kids about Baby Donald 3.0 two nights ago. They have been SO cute and asked so many questions since then! I told Annabelle that I had a secret for her to tell Corgan, then I whispered in her ear "We're having a baby!" She ran over to tell him, but after her saying it to him like 3 times and him responding with his typical "WHAT?!", we finally told him too. I don't think they really got that we meant that there was one in my tummy then because for months we have been talking about having another baby when Annabelle is 5. So I have a feeling they thought we were talking about the same hypothetical baby that we've been discussing for months. That night, there wasn't much of a reaction about the baby from them, but then on the way to school the next morning, it clicked!

Annabelle was singing her "Months of the Year" song and skipped June. I stopped her and said "You can't forget June! That's when the new baby will be born."

Annabelle: "How do you know?"
Mommy: "Because that's what the doctor told me."
A: "How does the doctor know?"
M: "Because he looked at the picture of the tiny baby in my tummy and said that's when it will be born."
A: "How did he see a picture?"
M: "They have a special machine that can look inside your tummy, like an x-ray, and see the baby."
Corgan: "What kind of baby is it?"
M: "Do you mean is it a boy baby or a girl baby?"
C: "Yes."
M: "Well, we don't know that yet because the baby is still this tiny (holding fingers up to show them) so you can't see if it has a boy pee-pee or a girl pee-pee yet. In about 3 months we can go see it again to find out."
A: "Can I go with you to see the baby in your tummy?"
M: "If you want to, you sure can!"
C: "I don't want to see the baby in your tummy because I don't want to see baby pee-pees!"

The questions and comments that I have gotten from them since then have been awesome! They're so inquisitive and it's funny how their little minds process things! Corgan's having a hard time with the concept of it being 7 more months until the baby will be ready to come out. But Annabelle seems to be really getting the concepts and is so excited to help me with the baby! It's pretty neat having kids old enough to pseudo-understand what's going on and to hear it from their point of view!

Needless to say, we're all super-excited to be adding on to the family, and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am to have my parents living nearby this time around! They seem to always want to take the kids for the afternoon on the days that I'm most exhausted, I barely ever have to cook dinner because Mom is always making yummy meals, and Dad is on top of the un-fun household chores like trash duty and cat litter!

Until today, we've only told our news to a few close friends and family, but now that this video is on facebook, the word is out!


Angelle said...

So awesome!!! You were preggo when we were there for the 5K!!! That is so crazy. We are sooooo happy for you guys and can't wait to see Annabelle and Corgan with their new baby!

Keri Donald said...

Yeap, I was about 6 weeks then! Fortunately I was still able to fit my clothes then, but about a week later, my tummy grew a bunch!

stacy said...

CONGRATS!!!! very happy for you all

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

What wonderful Christmas news...I am so happy for all of you

Anonymous said...

Congrats Donald family! Such exciting news!


Erica Lynn said...


Jill Fosness said...

Congratulations to the entire Donald clan! :)

EvaHoe said...
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EvaHoe said...

Wow, Keri!
Concratulations to a new Donald <3
Corgans answer is so cute :-)
I wish you a pregnancy that you can enjoy (despite of the sickness)! Hope I'll get to know Corgan, the new baby soon and also to see you guys soon!
Love, Eva