Big Girl Discussions

When Corgan's in the car, Annabelle and I don't seem to "discuss" that much. But when it's just the two of us girls, it's crazy all of the things that she says and asks. Tonight's conversations included discussions about what would happen if the moon were to get too close to the earth, if a star can really fall out of the sky, how blind people are able to get around, communicating with a deaf person, what "Miss" means (followed by attempting to then explain why "Miss Jason" is called "Miss"), how she's going to miss her friends when they go to "big school" (kindergarten), what daydreaming is, and many other conversations that blew my mind and I'm unable to recall right now. She brought up every one of these topics!

The things in my little 4 year old's head never fail to surprise me... and that's only the things that she vocalizes! I can't imagine what else is up there!

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