Friday Afternoon Swimming Party

Today was the perfect afternoon for swimming, especially with friends. We invited the Konicki girls and Annabelle's friend Annabelle (aka "Belle") over to Grammy's pool for swimming and pizza. The kids all had so much fun both in the pool and inside the house playing with Grammy's toys. We played Ring-Around-The-Roses, they swam all over the pool in their floaties, Annabelle learned that she can stand in the shallow end and spent some time swimming on her own, Belle made LOTS of progress with her fear of the water and was crying because she wanted to keep swimming by the end, Halle and Annabelle made up games to play all over the pool, Elena was Ms. Independent in her floaties, and sweet Sonja slept and barely made a sound through the entire afternoon! Us Mommies even got a bit of down time to chat while the kids played together and watched Snow White inside the house. It was truly a perfect day weather-wise and for the kids. :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that we took today:

Happy Halle

Independent Elena

Me playing with Elena and Belle

Flying Annabelle

Circle of Ring-Around-The-Roses

Sleepy Sonja

Pizza Time

Underwater Annabelle

The Donald Kids all wiped out not long after we got home

Enjoy the rest of the pictures from our fun afternoon!

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