Flying Funny

Overall our flight to Austria was pretty smooth. All of our luggage arrived (3 backpacks, 2 carry ons, 3 people, 1 stroller, 3 jackets, and 1 checked bag). Our first flight was on time, but our flight from Frankfurt to Linz was about 2 hours late so we had a longer layover than expected in Frankfurt. Annabelle and Auntie M read a few books, Annabelle played a little iPhone, we had some snacks, ate 2 meals, watched some of the in-flight television, and slept. Annabelle slept for about 5 hours (of the 11 hour flight), but I sure didn't.

I fell asleep quite a few times, but whenever I did, I wasn't sleeping very long when Annabelle would burst out with violent kicks! Auntie M (Keith's sister, Marian), Annabelle, and I had 3 seats together, so we had put the arm rests up and Annabelle was laying sideways between us. She was sleeping with her head on Marian and her feet on me. While still in a sound sleep, Annabelle will violently start kicking and flailing. She's always done this, but she must have been staying in whatever level of sleep she's usually in when she does this. She had quite a few of these episodes. One of the last episodes was while Marian and I were eating our breakfast. I had been keeping a hand on my breakfast tray the entire time that I was eating, and, fortunately, they had cup holders that were up by the headrest. I finished all of my breakfast, except for the pile of diced onions and peppers that had been on my eggs. Annabelle was sound asleep when all of the sudden she let out a huge kick that knocked my tray up into the air. My pile of onions and peppers flew onto the guy sitting on the other side of me. He let out a big "Whoa!" and jumped out of his seat. He looked quite annoyed, but fortunately he got over it pretty quickly. After this happened, he got up and headed to the bathroom. He stayed gone for about 10 minutes, which was good because although I was very apologetic, I had a hard time not bursting out laughing at the "Whoa!" that he had let out and the situation that I just knew was going to happen the whole time that I was eating! When he returned, he didn't seem upset at all, but I managed to not laugh in his face. :) I still chuckle just thinking about it. :)


Angelle said...

Sounds like he was pretty nice about it. But that is pretty funny. Hope you guys are having fun!

Nikki said...

Glad to hear all your luggage arrived!