The Big Family Disney Trip- Chef Mickey

Many months ago, my sis Kelly started planning a family Disney trip. I’ve been so excited about seeing the parks with my kids now that they’re both at an age where they’ll appreciate it and they’ve been watching enough of a variety of Disney movies that they will know most of the characters. And Kelson is a Disney lover (she was born with the gene so she really didn’t have a choice), so I was excited to see the sparkle in her eye (and toes) when she saw all of the characters. The last time that we did a trip like this it was November 2 years ago, so Kelson and Corgan were newborns and Annabelle was still young enough that she had fun, but didn’t interact too much. Annabelle is finally just tall enough that she can go on a lot of the big kid rides too! Mom and Dad came too, which meant built-in babysitters whenever we wanted to go on some rides without the kids. How could the trip not be a hit?

Our Big Family Disney Trip began on Wednesday night with a special dinner with Chef Mickey. The dinner was at the Contemporary hotel (where Kel & family stayed) and included dining with Chef Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Who wouldn’t want to have dinner with a couple of mice, a duck, and some dogs? :) It was entertaining to see such a variety of reactions from the 3 kids. :) This picture perfectly captures the 3 reactions: Kelson was all over the characters hugging and kissing them, Annabelle would pose for pictures but didn’t get too emotional about it, and Corgan screamed his head off if they tried to touch him.

Corgan did like seeing the characters, just as long as they weren’t too close to him. With Annabelle, I think the autograph book actually helped her to warm up to them quite a bit. It gave her an “in”. Kelson was so adorable leading the characters in dances and becoming hysterical when it was time for them to leave. She’s such the life of the party… just like her Mommy!

See more pictures of our magical dinner with Mickey and the Gang at our photo gallery.


LynnMach said...

those 3 kid reactions are hilarious - and great you got a photo of it!

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

Skylar loves the Disney Princess's and admires the characters from a distance - a far distance.