My Intuition

I seem to have a strange intuition when it comes to babies. No, it's not predicting the sex. In fact, I'm so bad at gender prediction that you should pretty much assume that whatever gender I'm sure a baby is, it's the opposite. I can't predict anything far off in the future, but at least 3 times that I can remember, I've had a thought just pop into my head about someone who I know is pregnant, and it turns out they are in labor. For 2 of those people, I knew they were pregnant, but wasn't close enough to them to have any idea when the due date was. The first time that I remember this happening, it was my sister's BFF from middle school. One day out of the blue, I emailed my sister to see how her old BFF was doing and ask when she was due, and she wrote me back saying that she had just gone to the hospital to have the baby. The second time, it was a lady from work. I remember thinking "I wonder when she's due", then later that day got an email saying that she'd had the baby.

I've also had this intuition apply with an adoption. Our friends Kyle & Chelsi had been on an adoption waiting list for nearly 2 years (if I remember correctly). One day in April-ish 2007, I was driving north on Hollywood Blvd, nearly at the intersection of Henry when I distinctly remember getting this feeling of "Kyle and Chelsi are going to get their baby before Corgan is born" (he was due in August 2007). I'm pretty sure I remember thinking that the baby would be a girl. :) In June of 2007, they were blessed with Ethan, a bouncing baby boy, and Corgan was born 2 months later.

And most recently, I got that "she's in labor" feeling with my friend Christina. I knew she was due in early September, but she hasn't had any signs of having the baby early (that I knew of anyway). When I was driving home... maybe around Ocala, FL... around 2am Sunday night/Monday morning, I got the feeling about Christina. I've never told anyone when I had that feeling before I got the confirmation that it was right, but for some reason I decided to email Christina when I got home (around 4am) and asked her "Are you in labor yet? For some reason I got a feeling that you are. :S" Her response 5.5 hours later was "No, I'm not in labor." But... last night she was admitted to the hospital in labor and had the baby this morning!

It seems like I've had this happen other times too, but these are 4 cases that I distinctly remember the details of. Crazy!

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Angelle said...

Well, let me know what I am about to go into labor, okay? :)