Pump It Up with Grammy & Papa

One of the kids' favorite activities is running wild at Pump It Up! Annabelle has been able to do most everything there on her own for a while, and Corgan is close. The only thing keeping him from that are his little legs. As hard as he tries, he's still a few inches too short to reach the climbing-rock-type steps all by himself. Sometimes he can make it up one or two, but not all the way. This past visit he figured out how to climb up the bubble/ball in the middle of the large bounce house, and also started jumping off of it just like his sister does. (see below)

He doesn't warn you before doing anything (unlike Annabelle who a least always wanted to make sure that someone was watching to praise her) so you have to really watch him all of the time!

I love that my parents are still active and childish enough to play at Pump It Up with the kids, and the kids do too! When my parents come with us, the kids always spend more time than usual in the bounce house with Grammy chasing them around the ring and Papa bouncing them super high. Seeing my dad go down the slides with the kids always reminds me of my childhood. When I was young, we used to go to The Dade County Youth Fair in Miami every year and they always had this large (and by "large", I mean stories high) slide that you rode down on a potato sack. We used to always ride down it on my dad's lap, so when the kids go down the slides with him, it always reminds me of that. I've always wanted to be one of those parents who never gets too old or too embarrassed to act like a kid with my kids, and seeing my parents acting this way... I think I'll get my wish. :)

Before closing, I have to share this picture of Annabelle. I climbed ahead of her through the obstacle course so that I could get pictures of the front of her going through, and I got a bunch of great pictures of her climbing up the big "rock wall" at the end. She smiled and posed with each and every step. It was so cute!

Enjoy the rest of the Pump It Up with Grammy & Papa pics.


Rhiannon said...

Looks like tons of fun! We have one of those around here but I haven't been yet. I think we might have a new summer trip in order!

Christina said...

Wow, your parents really do enjoy the kids. I love it! Great pictures. I love the pictures from Wet'n Wild also. I can't wait for this baby to get out so I can play again. I'm missing all of the fun this summer!