Too Big, Too Fast

Tonight while talking with Annabelle at bedtime, we were talking about how she wants to go out into the ocean all by herself. She said that she wants to go into the water, but wants me to hold her hand. Then she said "Someday when I get big, I will have to go far away from you, but I will be okay. And Daddy would take care of you."

Seriously... she's barely three! How does she think like that?! She also went on to tell me about how when she gets big, she's going to go to the Eiffel Tower with her "old friends" (meaning the kids in her old class). I asked "Are you going to go on a school trip?" She replied telling me that when they get big, they're all going to be in big kids school together and they will all go to the Eiffel Tower, I will have to stay here and can't go with her, and that she will learn French so that she can go. Is she really already looking into the future when she'll take high school French and go on the school trip to France?! I've certainly never mentioned anything like that to her. She also asked me how to count in French, how to ask for cherry ice cream, and then decided that I could go with her so that I could speak French for her. :) I love having these bedtime conversations with my Annabelle!


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ljkolumbus said...

Every comment like this reminds me so much of conversations we had when you were little.. she is so much like you. Love you and miss you both so much!

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

Such a cute story