Puff the Magic Dragon, Continued

Since writing my last Puff entry, we've probably read the story another handful or more times. Both kids love that story now, and both of them like to sing the song. In the song, after Jackie Paper grows up and is too big to play with Puff, they just go on to repeat the chorus again. But in the book, when they repeat the chorus, they illustrate the story with a new little girl coming to play with Puff, and Puff is happy again. There is an adult male happily watching the little girl and Puff play. The other night when we were reading the book, Annabelle asked me what the little girl's name is. I told her that it was whatever she wanted it to be. That night she named her "Hona" (like "Honalee, the land that Puff is from). I thought that was so sweet and ingenious. The next night though, Annabelle brought me to tears again. When we got to the page with the new little girl, she said "That's little Mommy Kolumbus, and that's Papa watching you play with Puff." Whoa! Serious tears going on! How does she know to say things like that!?! Tonight she said the same thing and brought a huge smile to my face. I swear she is such an empathetic and intuitive little girl, and I love it!

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