On Being a New Mom

One of my favorite kid-focused blogs linked to this article about what a new mommy really needs after a baby is born. A lot of it references not really having any visitors for a while. Maybe it was because I've been so lucky to have my mom with me doing all of those wonderful house things like cooking, cleaning, and caring for the rest of the family, but I never once wished that someone hadn't stopped by for a visit. I always love to have visitors... especially when there's a new baby to show off! As long as the visitor is understanding that my boob might have the baby attached to it for a little while while they are there (covered, of course), I don't care who sees me all slobbish. I'm sure any visitor would understand. I loved having visitors in the hospital too, whether they called ahead or not.

Am I the only previously-new mom who felt like that?


Angelle said...

I absolutely felt like you, Keri. I welcomed visitors almost anytime, but ESPECIALLY in the hospital because it was so boring there. I don't remember nursing in front of people ever being an issue. I did have either my mom or Stacy staying with me for the first week at least with both kids so that did help too. And if the visitor was bringing food, all the better. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on the situation. I loved having visitors in the hospital when we had Brody (even though I was all delirious from pushing out a 10 lb baby when you guys came by :). We had to stay 5 days because he was in the ICU, so it was nice to have people come and peek at him through the window and talk to us :) Once we got home it was a different story. We had NO help and Rob had to go back to work immediately (Harris was completely unsympathetic because Rob missed the five days that we were in the hospital, which included almost 2 days of labor). So...I was still very sore, very tired, and really didn't want people around for a few weeks. Every time Brody would nap I wanted to nap, not talk to people. I can honestly say that was the worst I felt in my whole life (physically). But... I think that was just because of the situation. When we had Shelby I was only in labor for 7 hours, and we left the hospital 24 hours later...so nobody had time to visit. When we got home, I loved having vistors! I felt so much better after having her then I did after I had Brody. So...I think it's different depending on how much help you have, how hard your labor is, etc.