Teacher's Rule!

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week, and I had grand plans of a gift a day for the kids' teachers. I was going to have the kids help me make cookies for one day, have them make cards for another day, bring in a flower that the kids picked out on another day, candy one day, and a gift card with a card from me the last day. But... thanks to the flu, the week didn't exactly go as planned. The only gift the teachers got from us last week was a card from the kids. Annabelle wanted to draw a snake on her card for Ms. Angela. Normally, I would have discouraged a snake as a theme for a thank you card, but Angela knows Annabelle and knows that a snake is a good thing to her, so I let her do it. Plus, she drew the snake all on her own and it turned out really good! That's the first time I've seen Annabelle draw something (besides just a shape) that actually looked like what she said it was. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it, but I'm sure there will be more. For Corgan's card, I drew a heart and let him paint it, then he colored on the inside. On Tuesday, the only day that Annabelle went to school last week, the teachers got their cards.

So, the only good thing is that I had over the weekend to come up with a good gift. Annabelle and Corgan helped me to make paper flowers for their teachers from them. As I thought about it, I wanted to really let the teachers and staff know how much I appreciated them as a parent. I made cards for the kids' teachers, the 2 ladies who are the janes-of-all-trades at the front desk, and the owners. I wrote each one of them a heartfelt message of gratitude to really thank them for the amazing job that they do. I really do love that school! I also gave each of them a Hershey's bar that I rewrapped in the barn theme. I think they turned out really cute, and they all loved it too. The owner even came out to find me when I picked up the kids and gave me a big hug. :) I decided to pass on the cookie-making since I figured no one would really want to chance eating cookies made by kids who had been out sick all week. :)

The cards that I made had a picture of Annabelle and Corgan in front of the school from Corgan's 1st day of school on the front. Here's the card and one of the candy bars:

These are all of the candy bars. I really like how they turned out! This morning the kids were so ready to get back to school! They were so happy to give their teachers their gifts, and Corgan even ran in and gave his teacher a big cuddle hug and wouldn't let go! As soon as Annabelle gave her teacher her gifts, she and Halle immediately began catching up on all of the play time that they had missed last week! They were so sweet (as always)!


Nikki said...

Those candy bar wrappers are incredible!! SOOO freaking adorable! GREAT JOB!!

Love the photo of the kids in front of the school in front of the card too. I'm sure all the teachers and staff loved those!

Love the pics of Halle and Annabelle together too. And Annabelle's adorable outfit. :)

Christina said...

I love the barn candy bars. I bet you made the teacher's day with all of their goodies.

The picture of Halle and Annabelle is adorable. I love that they are so close. Annabelle has a "sister" and a brother!

Scott and Dalana Zech said...

The candy bar wrappers are adorable. Great idea. Great picture of Annabelle and Corgan in front of the school. How funny you found a school that goes with your barn theme : )