Show and Tell with Tera

As I mentioned, last week was dinosaur week at Belle and Corgan's school. Annabelle only went to school on Tuesday, so she was pretty upset to have missed pretty much all of dinosaur week since dinosaurs are about her favorite thing in the world right now. She was looking forward to bringing in Tera, her huge triceratops, for show and tell on Friday, but that didn't happen. So, we brought it in for show and tell yesterday. Tera was a HUGE hit!

Annabelle's class always does show and tell at 10am on Fridays and I have been planning to go in to check out Belle's public speaking skills for a while, but since it's right in the middle of the class morning, I hadn't yet. Yesterday I brought Tera in for show and tell time (she is way too big to leave at school... Annabelle even asked "How am I going to fit Tera in my cubby?" when we were discussing bringing her in for show and tell) and I got to stay and see Belle speak. When I first arrived, I saw Annabelle through the window sitting on the teacher's lap and talking to the class about something while the class all sat on the floor listening to her story. I'm not sure what she was talking about, but it stopped as soon as she saw me with Tera. Ms. Angela let Annabelle go first. She jumped on Tera's back and told everyone what her dinosaurs name was, that she is a triceratops, that she is green, that she eats leaves, and that Santa brought her. The kids loved it! They all took turns riding on Tera, then a second turn. It was very cute, and Annabelle was so proud of her show and tell. :)

Annabelle was so cute talking about her beloved Tera.

Belle wanted to take Peaches (the baby that she has claimed as her own at school) for a ride on Tera.

Ms. Angela let Annabelle hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

I love the playground that they have at the school, and I totally want one of these tractor tires for our yard!

Enjoy the pictures of Annabelle's show and tell with Tera.

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