Immunity Now!

Last Saturday morning, Corgan woke up not acting like himself. We would soon realize that was because he was about to erupt the contents of his stomach through his mouth. He did this a couple more times throughout the day, but fortunately his sudden cry was enough of a warning sign to grab a towel and keep most of it contained. These "episodes" were accompanied by a low-grade fever and a very cuddly little boy all day long. Poor Corgan was so pitiful, but I did love the cuddling!

By the time we woke up Sunday morning, the worst was behind us. Fever was gone, and the food was staying in his stomach. He was doing so well that we thought it was a good idea to try daddy's idea of going out to lunch then taking a family bike ride for Mother's Day. Everything was fine until the middle of lunch when Corgan started whining and saying "tummy hurt!". As I held him tummy to tummy, I could feel the bubbles in his poor little tummy. I didn't want him to ruin lunch for everyone in the restaurant so I took him outside to walk around while Keith and Belle finished up. Needless to say, we had to scrap the bike ride.

Despite the minor setbacks, my Mother's Day was actually really nice! Keith got me some wonderful presents (including 3 bottles of the Monbazillac wine the Kelly and I discovered that we love while in Paris!), the kids made some really sweet crafts for me at school, we went out with just our family for lunch (even if we didn't make it through the whole thing... just getting ready and going out was worth it), and my day ended with a WONDERFUL, long back rub and scratch!

By Monday morning, Corgan seemed to have his appetite back and hadn't had a fever or thrown up for over a day, so he was going to school. But... Annabelle had other things in mind for herself. As she was getting ready, she all of the sudden did the "I'm going to throw up" scream. I scooped her up and we actually made it to the toilet just in time for her explosion! She was so upset that she was going to miss her first day of dinosaur week at school, but I think she was also happy to stay home. On Sunday she seemed to be getting pretty jealous of all of the attention that Corgan was getting, so she was happy to have me all to herself. As soon as Corgan and Daddy left for school, Annabelle immediately perked up and was absolutely fine. She ate a ton, helped me do dishes, and was even extra hyper. She never had any of the other signs of the virus that Corgan had. No fever, no headache, no yucky poops, no complaining about tummy hurting, and she was eating like a pig for the rest of the day! I was really wondering if she hadn't thrown up on purpose just to get my attention, except that I know that she really hates to throw up.

When Tuesday came around, she hadn't shown any more signs of illness so both kids went to school. Both were fine all day. Then overnight on Tuesday, Annabelle woke up around 3am to loud claps of thunder and Macy barking hysterically. She came to our room and I let her cuddle in with us. Not a few hours later, she did the "I'm going to throw up" scream. Again, we made it to the toilet just in time! She also started up with the fever and said that she had a headache. It's now 12 hours later, and although she has barely eaten much of anything all day and still has a low-grade fever, at least she isn't throwing up (knock on wood!). She's been a bit sluggish (like a wet sponge ;)) all day, and has developed a little bit of a sour stomach, but hopefully the worst of this is behind us with her. I feel horrible that she probably brought the virus in and exposed her class to it yesterday, but there's no way I could have known that it wasn't over with (or wasn't the real thing in the first place) for her! :(

Something that I thought was interesting about the virus this time around is how both kids are able to communicate about it now. Corgan was able to tell me "tummy hurt" and "eye hurt" (which, with my mom's help, I've concluded meant that he had a headache because I don't know why his one eye would hurt all of the sudden while he was sick, especially since it didn't even look like there was anything wrong with it) and "mouth hurt" (when his throat was hurting after throwing up so much). He was even able to warn me about impending puke explosions with a distinguishable yell, and he could tell me as soon as he pooped in his diaper so that he didn't get a diaper rash from sitting it in for too long (not that you couldn't smell it! Whew!). And the fact that Annabelle was able to tell me about throwing up in time to get to the toilet made a HUGE difference in the amount of clean up we had to do!

When Annabelle started school last year, the teachers told me to expect about 18 months of constantly having viruses and cold, but then she (and even Corgan who had been exposed to it all through Annabelle) should be relatively healthy after that. So far it's been about 14 months, and I'm hoping that they're right and that my kids will have super immune systems very soon! :) Immunity now!

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