Corgan's School Progress

I could not be more thrilled with Corgan's school experience! It has been so good for him for so many reasons! At first I really felt bad for sending my 18 month old to school 5 days a week (under 2 years they don't allow less than 5 days/week... even for half days), but not any more. He LOVES school, and they pick up my "Mommy of a 2nd child" slack. He's been learning things that I have forgotten that he was ready to learn, he sings songs on his own, he does the motions for the songs, he LOVES his teacher (and she couldn't adore him more), and he loves being a big boy going to school. Seeing him ask for his lunch box and run to the door is one of the cutest things ever!

One of the things that I really like about his teacher is how great she is with the daily status sheets for Corgan. With a class of 6 kids all around 1.5 years old, I don't know how she finds the time, but every day when we pick Corgan up she has a status sheet all filled out and it has wonderful details about Corgan's day. Here are some of the comments from a few of them that I have saved so far:

1/6/09- (Corgan's 2nd day of school) "He had lots of smiles today"
1/12/09- "Corgan liked hearing the different whistles" (they did trains that day) & "Corgan & Ben had fun playing with leaves outside today"
2/26/09- "Corgan is very shy- but he is starting to open up"
3/30/09- "For science we observed earth worms in their habitat! Corgan hit at it, but wouldn't hold one! He was excited and laughing!" (I can just picture that from her great description)
4/1/09- "He was singing 'twinkle twinkle' when my back was turned! Too cute!"

Lately, Corgan has started cuddling with his teacher, and it's been a long time since he's been sad about being left there. He loves his classmates too. The other day I was asking him to repeat the names of the kids in his class, and when I got to one kid, "Ben", Corgan said "Bubba" for his name (because that's what his teacher calls Ben). It was SO precious! It's so cute to see him see-sawing with one of the other little ones too.

Since we're FINALLY transitioning all of the toys to the playroom, toys that have been buried under other toys in the closet are surfacing so the kids have a whole bunch of "new" toys to play with. Corgan's latest toy obsession has been his shape sorter. I was surprised a few weeks ago when he took it out and just started sorting away all by himself. Then I got Corgan's class calendar for April and the teacher included a note that said something like "All of the kids in my class love the shape sorter." and the whole shape sorter thing made sense.

Corgan is so into singing songs now too! I love when I'm riding along in the car and hear Corgan in the back seat singing a song that is clear enough from the tune and the few understandable words that I'm able to actually identify the song. Annabelle knows pretty much all of the songs that Corgan knows and loves, so she'll sing the songs to him (as he asks for them with words and hand motions) and he'll join in. I definitely plan to get this adorableness on video soon!

School has been so great for Corgan to get used to other adults watching him too. Like I said earlier, he LOVES his teacher (almost to the point that I get a little jealous), but he also does really well when they have substitutes. He's doing really well with the gym daycare workers too (although there is one worker who LOOOOOOVES Corgan and I think she scares him because she gets so overly excited when he shows up... he's warming up to her now too though).

My little guy looks so grown up walking in to school holding his lunch box and following his sister's steps (literally)! Hard to believe he's so big already!


Nikki said...

That's awesome. You should take video of Corgan running to the door with his lunch box too. His big happy grin and his adorable toddling run... I'm sure it really is one of the cutest things ever. :)

Anonymous said...

That's so...wonderful to know that your kids are in good hands when your not there!