Santa's Li'l Helpers

A couple of weekends ago, I took Annabelle and Halle out for a day of Christmas shopping. When we were checking out at Lowes, a cashier mentioned to me that there was a gingerbread house workshop for kids in the back, so we headed to the back to check it out. The workshop was just about over, so no one else was there and the girls had their run of the workshop. The gingerbread houses were really neat. The pieces were like the pieces in a regular gingerbread house, but instead of being made of gingerbread, they were made of wood, and instead of putting them together with icing, you put them together with a hammer and real nails. After hammering the whole thing together, they had a set of stickers for you to decorate the house with. The girls also got their own Lowes shop aprons and workshop completion certificates. They gingerbread house was really cute, the girls had so much fun, and they got a really adorable craft out of it!

More pictures of the Santa's Adorable Little Helpers are on our photo gallery.

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