One of the Boys

I haven't confirmed with the teacher yet, but yesterday Annabelle told us that she got put in time out at school. I'm inclined to believe her because she admitted it to us a couple of weeks ago when she got put in time out for hitting Halle. When I asked the teacher about the first instance, she told me that for the past few weeks, except for playing with Halle occasionally, Annabelle pretty much just hangs out with the boys in the class. And since this "one of the boys" thing started, she has noticed that Annabelle has become more aggressive. She said that Annabelle is the first girl who she has had to put into time out this school year. The teacher didn't sound like she was disappointed or anything, just telling me about this all matter-of-factly after I asked about it. Lately when I've gone to drop Annabelle off in the morning and they are out playing on the playground, I've noticed that Belle really is just following whatever the boys do... riding bikes like them and crashing into people, going down the slide the wrong way, throwing sand, you name it. I certainly don't mind Annabelle being a tomboy, but I wish she wouldn't pick up the aggressiveness and bad habits (Spitting! Ugh!!!) of the boys! From what I understand, Halle has picked a boy in the class to hang with too (but fortunately she picked one of the less aggressive boys... who from what I've observed is more like a boyfriend ;)). Bellee loved the girls in her previous class, but Connor (the adorable little guy on the right of Annabelle in the picture above) has always been one of her favorites from the beginning too.

Here's a super-cute picture of Halle with her boyfriend and her Annabelle. :)


Nikki said...

Halle and James are so cute. :) James has the cutest, sweetest shy smile. There are a couple dud boys in the class too.. at least our girls have good taste! :)

ljkolumbus said...

I'm sure Belle will always be able to handle herself.. we just have to teach her right and wrong just like we do Corgan. She'll be the smartest & fastest player on her 't-ball team' :)