Keith's 2008 Christimas Wish List

From most accounts my friends and family find me difficult to shop for. Probably because I'm not specific with what I would like--I think one year I asked for "anything to help me be more organized" (yeah, still working on that one...)

Anyway a few little things have been floating around in my brain lately. Also there has been some pressure from MOM. So here's my official 2008 Christmas wishlist, in no particular order:

  • LiveSmashingPumpkins, New York 11/07 2nd Night Show (MP3 format is fine, I hate CDs and tend to lose and/or scratch them into oblivion)
  • G7 Guitar Software for the Mac
  • Rock Band Track Pack Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • A little football for me and Corgan to throw around.
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol to watch with the family.
  • Movie tickets to see Bolt with Annabelle.
  • A book that talks about different and unique places to go Skiing [or winter vacation in general], as I would Ski every winter until my legs fall off if I could. Ok there I go with non-specific things again...
That's all I can think of!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I love that three of your wishlist items involve things that you can enjoy with your kids. Sign of a GREAT daddy!