Dental Care

Corgan has started really lovin' brushin' his teeth. Every time that we go into the bathroom, he asks to brush his teeth now. If he sees me going into the bathroom, he runs in behind me, plops himself down on the bath mat (I make him sit down to brush his teeth, just like I did with Belle when she was little), then starts signing "brush teeth" like crazy while saying "brush"! His new love for brushing his teeth has renewed Belle's interest in it too. She's also a good big sister and sits down to brush her teeth in order to set an example for her little brother. He's really cute when he's done too. He declares "done", the opens his mouth wide for me to give the teeth a once over before putting the toothbrush away.

And here's Corgan all excited and waiting for me to give him a toothbrush on another occasion.

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Kelly Albert said...

I can't believe how big my neice and nephew are... so sweet. Kelson LOVES to brush her teeth too. She won't ever say "all done" cause she would do it all day long. She cries when we take it away.

Belle's hair looks adorable - even though its still pink ;)