On the Right Track

Last night I hit the pool again, and was very proud of my progress. I swam a quarter mile without stopping... twice. I swam each .25 mile in about 13 minutes, then I decided that I could keep going and I did an additional half mile in only 24 minutes... faster than both of the first two quarter-miles together!

I finally was able to get on the tanita again this morning, and my body fat has gone from 36.7% a little over 3 weeks ago to 34.2% today! And 8 of the 10 pounds that I've lost are fat! Yea!

Corgan has been to the gym daycare 3 times and has done pretty well. The first time that he went was with Annabelle and it was at night. They said that he was doing really well until some older kid ran a very noisy truck right behind him and scared the crap out of him. After that he screamed so much that they were afraid he was going to hyperventilate, so they had to call us to come get him. I was afraid he was going to be terrified to go into the room again, but since then I've taken him two mornings and he's done really well each time. They said he'd whimper a little every once in a while, but he's doing really good! That makes me feel so good because I was afraid he was going to be the end of my working out during the day.

I tried yoga again this morning, and verified that it's not for me. I know it has lots of benefits and I could definitely be more flexible and relaxed, but I'm just too impatient for it. The class was 75 minutes long, and about 15 minutes into it I was wishing that I'd picked a spot closer to the door so that I could slip out. There were definitely a few moves that made my muscles burn, but no more than spending a minute or so on a weight machine would. I felt like I was wasting my time not burning enough calories because I wasn't sweating (and no, I don't think that doing it in a 100+ degree room would make me like it better) and getting a good aerobic exercise. I'm not knockin' yoga because I know there are many people who love it and swear by it, but I'm the type of person who would rather be "relaxing" on a treadmill or elliptical machine. We have a video of me at a ballet dance recital as a 5 year old (or somewhere around that age) and while everyone else is slowly doing the "positions" and stretches the way that they are supposed to be doing them, I'm doing them as quickly as possible so that I can just get it over with (then I stood there looking at my fingernails or something waiting for everyone else to finish). I think that "go-go-go!" thing is just a part of my personality, and yoga doesn't fit the mold for me. I still plan to try pilates sometime, but have a feeling that I'll feel the same way about it. (Side note: According to my wii fit I have pretty darn good balance and am really good at the balance part of yoga. I was very surprised to find that out.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all of your progress! As far as yoga goes, I felt the smae way about it at first. I only do it like 2 times a month and usually after a 30-45 minutes run on the treadmill. But...I have learned to breathe better and use my core muscles more and it definitely gives you a better workout when you figure out how to do it the right way. As far as Pilates goes...I love it! It is a more intense workout than yoga and definitely helps to give a more slim muscle tone. Again, I often do it with some sort of carido before or after. If you get a good instructor, you should feel like it's worth it at the end of the class. Goo luck!

By the way, I took a cardio core class at our gym and you'd really love it! It is super intense for the entire hour. We used the step, weights, body bars, push ups, etc. My heart rate felt higher than it is when I run. Maybe your gym has that class?


Christina said...

Your swimming is really improving. It sounds like you are ready for your triathalon already!

megAstar said...

I agree about Yoga, it takes too long and doesn't seem to have much of a point. I did do Pilates for a while and liked that. It's like a bit more intense yoga, and it definitely improved my core strength. Keep up what you're doing, though...you're doing awesome!!!

Angelle said...

Some yoga classes are more boring than others. And 75 minutes is PRETTY long. Mine are only 55 minutes. You have to experiment with the instructors too because they can all have a different style. Out of all the instructors at my gym (like 6 or so) I REALLY like 2, 2 more are so-so and the others are kinda dull. I skip their classes entirely. I look at yoga more as a stretch class to get all the kinks out after a good workout. I used to only do yoga and pilates, but now I always add in some cardio before or after taking the class.

I would give pilates a try though. It REALLY works your core. And while your HR is not super high, you WILL sweat if you have a good instructor. And you WILL be sore in your abs, obliques, gluts, and thighs. Isn't that what it's all about? :) I lost pants sizes last year from doing WW AND pilates & yoga. I was the same weight as pre-pregnancy but I was a size smaller due to the toning from those classes.

Chelsi said...

You are doing SO well with swimming - that part will be a breeze for you in the tri! That's awesome!

You know I am a big fan of yoga :) There are so many different classes and styles, and the intensity varies greatly between them. I prefer Bikram style or Power yoga because they are a LOT more challenging than others and I really feel like I'm getting a workout, as opposed to a gentle stretching. Also, with Bikram - I'm conditioning my mind as well as my body, and I like that aspect of it, too.

Maybe Pilates would be more up your alley, you should give that a try. You definitely wouldn't be bored in Bikram, either, if you want to give that a shot :)